Family Survival System

Family Survival System is a unique self-help system designed to help families sail through crises safely and hassle-free. The system is a product of Frank Mitchell and is especially tailor-made for us families. However, many concepts in the system apply to just about any typical family regardless of which part of the world you are.

That being said, Mitchell believes that families in the United States are faced with unique challenges that require unique solutions. For instance, the challenges that American families may face during an energy crisis or during an armed conflict.

Why Listen to Frank Mitchell?

family survival systemAs a former member of the armed forces, Frank Mitchell possesses unique survival skills that are an integral part of life in the army. He also boats of 60 FEMA certificates to his name.

According to Frank, the world as we know it is headed for some serious changes that will make it difficult to access basics such as food, water, and even security. Regular people are especially at higher risk of suffering severe consequences in case an unfortunate event befalls the country.

Frank’s training and skills enable him to ‘see’ what regular people cannot see. He’s also the best person to give advice on how to persevere and survive through such challenging times. For what it’s worth you need to listen to what he says in this system.

What is Family Survival System All About?

As hinted on in previous sections, this system basically offers trusted and proven ways for survival in case a hardship presents itself.

The system is divided into seven sections each detailing the potential situations that could cause hardships to regular people, according to the author. Each section is unique and provides advice on how to survive when faced with that particular situation.

Every section comprises practical advice on how you and your family can make it when the going gets tough.

Each section contains a checklist at the end to make it easier for you to track your survival capabilities and what you need to do to meet your survival goals.

Is Family Survival System All About Fear?

To a regular person who has never experienced the horrors of war, some of the ideas discussed in this system may seem far-fetched at times. But the truth is that Frank Mitchell has spent a great deal of time in war ravaged places around the world and knows from firsthand experience what life feels like in those situations.

According to Frank Mitchell, most Americans now agree that a major catastrophe such as those that befall third-world countries is very possible in America. The nearest catastrophe is an economic collapse that would have multiple ripple effects on the livelihoods of families. Buying a prepper’s guide such as this one may be the single most important decision you’ll ever make in your life. Being prepared may save you from a disaster, damage, potential loss of property or livelihood, and even death in the worst-case scenario.

Preparation In Steps

The reality is that you don’t need lots of cash to get your hands on trusted advice from a prepper. You can take it in small incremental steps and this is basically what the Family Survival System is all about.

family survival system reviewFor instance, the author recommends a plan where a family spends a small amount every week to stock up on food supplies of 3 months over the whole year. And we’re not talking about freeze-dried foods or survival pails here, but simple food stuffs you can easily get at your local grocery.

In essence, the system is a series of checklists that users are encouraged to print out and check off each time you complete. With all the obligations and human endeavors, it is more practical to and easier to accomplish things one at a time. This is especially useful in avoiding procrastination that typically prevents many people from taking meaningful action.

Do You Really Need The Family Survival System?

The question you might be asking now is that does the Family Survival System make you immune to the sudden catastrophes? The truth is that everyone is susceptible to the effects of war, famine, financial crises, and other dire events. However, users of this system are obviously much more prepared to cope with any hardship, no matter how severe it may be.

Of course, this system can only offer so much help in terms of preparation for hardships. Since the page count is limited to 100, the information provided basically comprises the basics. However, the Family Survival Society upgrade provides a lot more than mere basics in case you’d want to go that route.

Some of the topics you’ll find in the guide include things like the threats that Americans face, how to get started with prepping, how the makeup of your family affects you, the best three skills you absolutely need, and some tips on guarding your home.

Keep in mind that the author is a former army person who has been through some of the worst situations you could ever face. Thus, you’re automatically inclined to trust his word.

Is It Worth It?

Undoubtedly, the Family Survival System does contain a lot of useful info that is unique and based on facts. There might be a few topics that may come off as subjective or even personal (based on one’s personal experiences); however, the guide generally offers objective info and ideas that are in line with the majority of survival manuals out there.

The guide is highly recommended but there’s a small ‘drawback’ – you can only purchase it online. This means that you shouldn’t expect to receive a paperback version in your main. You get an eBook version that is accessible instantly.


What would you do if you knew that collapse was imminent? There are not many people who are prepared for such questions, let alone dealing with a real-life situation such as that. If you fall in this category, you obviously need this guide for yours and your family’s safety.

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